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FREElance Imagineer

It’s ALL about that exposure! Ability to produce intriguing copy, innovative ideas and all things creative at a criminally nominal cost to you.

ESL Extraordinaire

Savvy knowledge dispenser on various subjects across all levels of incompetency.  Self-proclaimed and professionally-certified English consultant.

Gallivant Guru

Learn travel tricks and insight from an experienced wanderer.  Allow my mishaps to be your cautionary tale to guide you confidently in the right direction.

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Learn about our temporarily embarrassed millionaires

Coffee Inspired Musings

Stranger Things

Last Christmas I wrote a poem to Ellen.  Ten months later and I’m still waiting for her to take notice […]

Six Cents None the Richer

January 5, 2017 My last paycheck was $.06. What is even more pathetic than being a 29-year-old college-educated, well-traveled, professionally-experienced […]

Once Again

Please pardon my nearly nine-month writing hiatus as I was out making questionable life decisions and meeting a few villainous […]

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Novel In Progress

"I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right."