About Me

Greetings, readers!  For those of you who stumbled upon my page organically and not forced by familial ties or friendship,  I'd like to welcome you to my self-titled one-woman website, Chandra Brynn.  Chandra was a young, beautiful and illustrious lunar deity in Hindu mythology, one that invoked great wealth and happiness.  She was a divine queen in her own right, only none of that applies to me as I was named after a losing contestant who once appeared on a cancelled 80s game show.

I was made in America, repurposed in Asia and enlightened in Europe before making my fateful return to the homeland.  I worked, traveled and studied abroad for the latter half of my late twenties.  After reintegrating Stateside, I've been living the American reality.  I'm a freelance writer lacking paid projects, which is strikingly similar to being unemployed.  A more accurate title might be a mildly-malnourished, impoverished and disenfranchised feminist artist.  My debt is half-full, optimistically speaking, though I'm hopeful this will all change soon when my work inevitably goes viral for its unprecedented brilliance.

I've created this website as a forum to host my literary ambitions.  My goals here are modest; I am merely expecting to procure gainful employment, share my stories with the world, empower women, collaborate with inspiring individuals and have Tina Fey recognize me as her protégé.  I believe myself to be exceptional at sarcasm, self-deprecating humor and holding thoughtful conversations with other intellectual people where my insights are unquestionably correct.

When I'm not too jaded to pull myself out of bed in the late afternoon, I enjoy drinking coffee, reading, planning fake trips to Africa that I can't afford, pretending that my life is like a Kygo mix for Instagram photos and doting over other people's dogs.  My most valuable possessions are my passport and laptop, both literally and figuratively.  I use my deceptively-sweet left dimple to draw attention away from my terrible eyebrows and sour demeanor.  Like many other women who seek an escape from the mundane and maddening existence we must endure here on earth, I derive solace from simple pleasures such as dark chocolate, red wine and hot yoga.

It is my mission to write, create and wander the world without constraints.  If you'd like to assist me in achieving this task, are interested in offering me employment or simply would like to compliment my work, please contact me.


You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at. 

                                                                                -Tina Fey

Coffee Cups
German Shepherd

Curious about my dog's name or how I take my coffee?