About Me

IMG_0607Hello.  I'm hoping this one-liner is as successful for me as it was for Adele.  I'd like to welcome you to my one-woman website, Chandra Brynn.  Chandra was a young, beautiful and illustrious lunar deity in Hindu mythology, one that promised wealth and happiness.  She was a queen in her own right, only none of that has anything to do with me.  Instead, I was named after a losing contestant who once appeared on an 80s game show.

I was made in America before being stripped down and recreated in Asia.  I lived, worked, traveled and studied abroad for the latter half of my late twenties.  After returning to the homeland last year, I've been living the American reality.  I'm a freelance writer lacking paid projects, which is strikingly similar to being unemployed.  I am staying with my dog who lives with my parents and therefore by extension, I do as well.  I like to think of my time here more as an extended sleepover.  My credit card debt is half-full, optimistically speaking.  I'm hopeful this will all change soon though once my blog inevitably goes viral for its unprecedented brilliance.

I am creating this website as a collective forum to host my writing and talents.  My goals here are modest; I am merely expecting to procure gainful employment, share my stories with the world, empower women, connect with inspiring individuals and have Tina Fey recognize me as her protégé.  I believe myself to be exceptional at sarcasm, self-deprecating humor and holding thoughtful conversations with intellectual people where my insights are unquestionably correct.

When I'm procrastinating working on my first book, I enjoy reading and wondering how writers remain stationary long enough to finish a full-length novel.  I'm happiest when exploring foreign places, staying awake well into the evening or enjoying outdoor activities in warm weather.  My most valuable possessions are my passport and MacBook, both literally and figuratively.  I love animals and have no patience for people who do not.  I insist on the left side when posing for pictures because it draws attention to my solo dimple.  My favorite part of the day is any time I have a full cup of coffee in my hand.  It is my dream to write, create and wander the world without constraints.  If you'd like to assist me in achieving this task, are interested in offering me employment or simply would like to compliment my work, please contact me.


You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at. 

                                                                                -Tina Fey

Coffee Cups
German Shepherd

Curious about my dog's name or how I take my coffee?