Solo: A Memoir of Hate Part 1

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Hope Solo.  

I doubt there will ever be a woman more aptly named in our lifetime.  That is unless of course a couple with a wicked sense of humor and the surname Luck has a baby girl and brands her birth certificate with the first name Shitoutta.  Poor little Luck.  She’d be a living and breathing lifelong reminder of the magnified battles ahead that females face merely for having been born. 

Ever since Solo has stepped into the spotlight, she has been nothing but a problematic and “polarizing figure,” according to every male reporter or sports specialist ever, who so astutely impart their wisdom upon us regarding acceptable behavior expected on behalf of female athletes everywhere.  While nothing particularly positive came from the U.S. National Team’s defeat to Sweden in August 2016, at least it exposed the unwarranted contempt held for women who express themselves honestly and assertively.  The entire Solo debacle was successful in that regard, as it revealed the overwhelming amount of closet misogynists still under the impression that females were designed to shut up, look pretty, smile and placate.

In my humble lady opinion, which is probably only 78% significant in accordance with the pay gap, it seems that our nation has failed entirely to advance in terms of gender equality and women’s rights.  To further illustrate that point, I invite everyone to think of a recent Presidential election that has come to pass.  It almost appears to progressive thinkers, what few of us remain after the tremendously disappointing year that was 2016, that the main grievance with Solo stems from her opposer’s personal insecurities and failures with women, or even AS a woman.  That’s correct, other women aren’t innocent in this witch hunt either.

Ladies, please try to understand.  Hope is not the enemy here (double entendre intended).  That is just what we have been conditioned to believe after years of systemized oppression.  She has put in the time and effort, a sacrificial soccer heroine who has spent her entire adult life trying to break barriers and stereotypes.  We should support her in her persistent drive to be heard and value her fierce competitiveness, not condemn her for exercising her Man-given right to use her “freedoms.”  Does that mean we must agree with everything she does and/or says?  Absolutely not.  However, the sexist crusade and personal vendetta against the G²OAT (Greatest Goalkeeper of All Time) for a slew of unsubstantial reasons is getting tiresome.

As soon as Solo parts her lips to speak in an interview or posts an image on one of her personal pages, delightful internet trolls immediately take to the interwebs to spew their vile, hate-fueled narrative at lightning speed.  It turns into a relentless circle jerk of drivel regarding a woman they know nothing about and a sport they barely understand.  I suppose those lips should only be parted for other, more female-appropriate silent activities save the occasional slurping sound, am I right guys?!

It has become clear that many cavemen still feel women are better suited to be in porn than on a pitch.  Or perhaps in porn while ON a pitch in some tacky unoriginally titled adult film, Scored: Double Penetration Head Balls.  The insubordinate lady players will have definitely received red cards from the dominating male referees for being bad girls on the field and therefore must incur penalty spanks as punishment.  Wink.  Kissy face.  Salacious Snapchat featuring a genetically-modified woman wearing only striped knee high soccer socks tangling herself up in the goal’s netting.  #GoalsAF.  Quite literally.

Solo’s swift firing over the mere use of an elementary noun sent an unnerving message to America’s watchful eyes, that emboldened and outwardly opinionated women will not be tolerated at a professional level in this country.  Not only will such anarchy not be tolerated, but publicly punished in a humiliating display meant to further discourage other women from verbalizing their thoughts or acting out against the perceivably indestructible patriarch.  I’ve been patiently waiting ever since for Sunil Gulati, good ol’ Mr. Man President of the United States Soccer Federation himself, to correct this situation.

The only agreeable way to resolve this would be to reinstate our trusted keeper to the position she has rightly earned through hard work, tenacity and proven success.  Following that move with a public apology from the USSF for their poor judgment, rash decision-making and discrimination would also be nice, but of course not expected.  As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day!  We can’t just naively expect women to be treated equally overnight…  or after 240 years.  Unfortunately, the pressure imposed by mass bigots forced the hand of the organization and they caved once they felt they no longer needed Solo’s expert services.  Gulati behaved “cowardly,” one might even say.  I’m not necessarily saying “one” is me though because I don’t want to get vilified on the internet and lose my illustrious career in hospitality.

Solo’s biggest critics condemn her for what would be considered male strength, her steadfast approach of speaking her mind and competing at any cost.  After reading the hoards of hateful commentary dumped all over social media, I’ve come to realize that Solo’s most egregious fault is that she has the audacity to exist, unapologetically at that.  What many loathe about her is what I admire most, her unwavering commitment to be wholly herself.  In an industry hell bent on demeaning women’s abilities, downplaying our talent, objectifying our bodies and quieting our voices, I find her indomitable will exemplary.

Any woman who continues to proudly stand her ground after all the chaos she has been through both on and off the field has my absolute respect.  I find her stubborn antics and deadpan demeanor in tense situations amusing.  The woman simply refuses to give up or back down to any one person or powerful entity despite the repercussions.  Solo is a perfectly flawed, resilient woman who frankly doesn’t give a damn about societal expectations or gender appropriation.

Even after Solo was unjustly sacked, she has continued to proudly push for fair pay for equal (superior) play and women’s rights.  She uses her platform not to post sexy selfies or celebrity gossip, but to promote important organizations such as those that academically fund young girls in Uganda so they may have what many of us take for granted and fail to take advantage of, an education.  Attention to the latter cause was immediately met with criticism because she didn’t preface that with a tribute to the Chapecoense soccer team whose plane tragically crashed in Colombia last year.  Essentially, if Solo simply breathes people will find fault in her carbon dioxide deposit.  While there is no rational connection between a grounded plane in South America and a school for girls in Africa, it proves that as a woman you’re Shittouta Luck if you do and Shittouta Luck if you don’t.


If you enjoyed this post please see Part 2, which refutes in detail each alleged excuse for the shamefully gratuitous hatred of Hope Solo.


5 thoughts on “Solo: A Memoir of Hate Part 1

  1. Thank you so much for this post. Every word you have written is the truth. As an unwavering fan of Hope Solo, I’m still angry over the way she has been treated this past year. By the media, by players from the 1999 team and even players from the 2015 World Cup team; people that were suppose to be her friends. And yet she is still fighting for this team, for the young women and girls who play sports and equality for all women. To me she is so much more of a role model than the women who appear to be perfect and say only what they think they are suppose to say. That is not what real life is, but that is the model that we are giving to young women and girls to live up to. They need to see someone that is resilient and confident, and willing to get up and try harder when they fall down. They need to see someone who is willing to put themselves out there for others. That is what a real role model is. But when the powers that be punish women for speaking out and being themselves, they discourage those young women from being the best they can be. As someone who has seen this happening for way too many years, I am tired of the BS of power and success being withheld from over half of the population of the US and the rest of the world.
    I am so proud of Hope. I want to see her play again so much. But if she doesn’t, I want to see her continue her crusade to make life better for everyone, particularly for young women and girls all over the world. Because they are the future. She still has so much to give, and I honestly believe that giving to others really makes her happy.

    I am really looking forward to your next post, and I want to thank you so much for writing these words that are so important. All of us who care so much about Hope will be forever in your debt for this, and we will continue to stand behind her and support her in whatever direction she decides to go. Thank you.

  2. I was sent a link to your site by a friend who told me I would love it and I did! Thank you for writing this post. I only recently learned Hope Solo exists through women’s fight for equal wages in sports and just think she is such a brave woman and incredible athlete. Did you know that the poor woman has Post-Traumatic-Stress-Syndrome? I have been searching up articles like this to try to understand the human behind the headlines and I am heartbroken for her with all of the details I have been reading. She has been through so much and the way she is treated by the media and strangers and her own team-mates is despicable! I don’t know how she keeps going! I don’t know how people are legally allowed to write the things they do about her! I look forward to your next write up and the take downs of all the shameful allegations and excuses to hate her.

  3. You have stated beautifully everything I have thought and felt about Hope’s life and situation. If she was a man she would still have her job and probably a raise.

  4. Found this linked on a sports forum. Enjoyable read, made me think twice about Solo. You have a very concise and witty voice and clearly approached this article with passion.

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